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Location Age
Hay Bale Comments Listing
Texline 1 - Other Oat & Hay Grazer hay for sale. Oat hay and Hay Grazer hay for sale. Both put up really nice, No rain except in stack. Also have top bales that have rain damage that would make cow feed. Oat hay $170/tonOBO except top bales Hay Grazer $150/tonOBO .
Wharton 2 Bermuda Small Square Well Fertilized, Weed Free, Horse Quality
Coleman 3 Coastal Mixed Big Round 2nd cutting, Fertilized, 5x5, net-wrapped on 10/01. Bales weighing 1200#(+/-) Quantity = discount. Please call ... .
Carson-Groom 3 Wheat Hay Big Round jessewnrs
Rusk 3 Bahaia Big Round 4x5 net wrapped fertilized bahia grass
Stephenville 4 Peanut Square 4x4 Green leafy peanut hay excellent quality. 4x4x8 squares. $145-155 ton delivered almost anywhere in Texas
Stephenville 4 Coastal Big Round Horse quality fertilized weed free. Will deliver in full loads $75-100 anywhere in Texas. Free local delivery
Lamesa 4 Sudan Big Round Irrigated fertilized haygrazer. Free local delivery on full truck loads. 4x5.5 net wrapped small stem.
Grandview 5 Sudan Big Round fertilzed sudan very good cow hay rolls are 4x5
Willacy County 5 Coastal Big Round sacastan
Willacy County 5 Coastal Mixed Big Round sacastan
Yantis 6 Other Hay Big Round Highly Fertilized Hay Suitable For Horses, Dairy & Beef Cattle. Some Net Wrap Hay Available
Oakwood 7 - Other Coastal Bermuda round bales... I have some 5x5 poly twine tyed coastal bermuda round bales for sale in Oakwood, TX. $50.00  a roll
Clarendon 9 Bermuda Big Round Avg wt 1200lbs. Fertilized and irrigated
Yx 9 Bluestem Big Round Hay has been cut every year, no old growth in this hay.
Kingwood 9 Grass Round 4X5 round bales of grass. Hay is near tulsa. Very clean hay.
Carmine 11 Hay Grazer Small Square Fertilized, barn stored and under canopies/tarps. have elevators to help load.Email is best for initial contact as I work nights
Carmine 11 Other Hay Small Square Fertilized&sprayed,stored under canopies/tarp (barn full of hay grazer).Have elevators to help load.Email best for initial conta
Angelina 11 Other Hay Other Heavliy fertilized JIGGS Bermuda hay. 4x6 rolls Net wrapped also have square coastal horse hay. in barn $6.50 a bale. call
Hempstead 11 Coastal Small Square Fertilized twice a year and sprayed for weeds. Minimum Quantity 100 Bales. Smaller quantities $6.50/Bale.+
Seguin 11 Bermuda Big Round Big round bales of Jiggs and Tifton bermuda averaging 9% protein
Hill 12 Bermuda-Coastal Small Square -
Daingerfield 12 Coastal Small Square -
Era 12 Sorghum/Milo Big Round 4x6 Milo bales, has some johnson grass mixed in. $35 to pick up in field. Can deliver for additional fee.
Hunt 13 Soybean Big Round Soybean crop was too short to harvest so we baled it beans and all. 4x6 Bales average 1235lbs, we can load and deliver if neede
Winona 13 - Other Organic Tifton 85, Crude Protein- 10-12, Relative Feed Value- 100-110- Sprayed fertlized and irrigated on every cutting. Tdn 55, . $50 - $60, $60 - $70 per Bale. Delivery: Can Load, Delivery Available. Fire Ant Quarantine.
Tyler 13 - Other Tifton 85... We have horse and cow high quality hay for sale. Several of our hay customers are horse people. Our hay is Tifton 85, it has been sprayed, fertilized, and irrigated on every cutting. Crude protein of 12, TDN of 55 and a RFV of 100-110. Our bales are net wrapped and are 64", weigh approximately 975 lbs. Our baler has a moisture detector so the bales won't mold. $65.00 Negotiable
Madison County 14 Coastal Mixed Big Round Barn Kept 5x6 Round Bales 2014
Smith 14 Bermuda-Coastal Big Round -
Pearsall 14 Peanut Big Round ...
Greenville 14 Mixed Grass Big Round Bermuda, blue stem, and johnson mixed 5x5 bales. Will deliver locally.
Hereford 16 - Other Almum Grass. 1000 tons. Small stemmed with 11% CP. Big square bales. $90 per ton in field. ... ..
Hereford 16 - Other Columbus Grass (Sorgham Almum). 1000 tons. CP 11%. Small stems. $90 per ton in field. ... .
Linden-Cass 16 Coastal Big Round Mhoot777
Bonham 16 Sudan Big Round Fertilized Sudan 2014-Extra 1st cut bales heavy leaf very small stem that I do not need-Also 06 last year bales for sale- $27.5
Alto 17 Bahaia Big Round Most hay barn kept.
Kaufman 17 Coastal Mixed Big Round grassroots baled this year
Childress 18 Bluestem Big Round -
Smith 18 Bermuda-Tifton Big Round 3 types available. 50 and 65$ bales have been sprayed irrigated and fertilized on every cutting. Crude protein 10-11 Tdn 55, a
Winona 18 - Other Organic Tifton 85, Crude Protein- 10-12, Relative Feed Value- 90- TDN 55, Horse & Cattle Quality. $50 - $60 per Bale. Delivery: Can Load, Delivery Available. Fire Ant Quarantine.
Johnson 19 Sudan Big Round very good well processed and fertlized
Levelland 19 Wheat Hay Big Round Beardless triticale. Excellent quality hay.
Levelland 19 Other Hay Big Round Beardless triticale. Excellent quality hay.
Harlingen 19 Coastal Small Square Barn stored horse hay in 21 bale bundles.
Harlingen 19 Coastal Big Round Horse quality BARN STORED round bales stored on end net wrapped no weeds irrigated and fertilized.
Weatherford 19 Bermuda-Coastal Big Round -
Smith/Flint 20 Coastal Small Square Highly Fertilized net wrapped barn kept. Also have 4x5 Round Coastal and Bahia $50-$60 a bale 2nd and third cutting.
Anderson 20 Coastal Big Round Highly fertilized horse and cow coastal and bahia round. Highly fertilized barn kept sq $8.00 bale.
Hutto 20 - Other Tifton Hay... 4x6 net wrapped round bales. Horse quality, no weeds. Approx. 1200 lbs. per bale. $55.00 
Cass 24 Coastal Mixed Big Round Hay was fertlizered with chicek litter andd urea
Cass County 24 Mixed Grass Big Round Good clean hat bailed this summer 4X5.7 rolls
Hemphill County 24 Hay Grazer Big Round Red Top Cane irrigated and fertilized 5 by 5 tight bale good quality hay
Panola County 25 Bahaia Big Round 5 X 5.5 Rolls. Bahaia mixed. $40.00 Per Roll. Some baled in October 2014. All baled in 2014. Double tied. First and second
Hemphill County 26 Hay Grazer Big Round Red Top Cane irrigated and fertilized 5 by 5 tight bale good quality hay
Marlin 27 Bermuda Small Square Our hay fields are located off the Brazos River which provides a rich soil for us to grow quality bermuda grass hay. Our fields
Henderson Co 27 Bermuda-Coastal Big Round Fertilized and no weeds
Trinity 27 Bermuda-Tifton Big Round 450 5x6 Round Bales, fertilized Jigs-Tifton, this year's hay, near Pennington, TX. Call ... .
Milam County 28 Bermuda-Tifton Big Round Fertilized weed free Tifton 85. We also have Coastal/Rye hay available.
Thorndale 32 - Other Rye Grass Hay... Rye Grass Hay for cattle; Net Wrapped; Call $60.00 
Wichita Falls 44 - Other Grass Hay for Sale. Irrigated/fertilized native grass hay baled in 2014. 5x5 round bales located north of Vernon TX in Wilbarger county TX. 10 bale minimum purchase. Pickup or delivery available at an additional charge. Call ... . Little Bluestem/Coastal mix $60.00/bale Green Spangletop/W. W. Spar mix $60.00/bale Willmans Lovegrass $55.00/bale.
Paris 51 - Other []. Net wrapped. Fertilized and limed. Thiggs
Saragosa 55 - Other Bermuda Grass Hay for Sale. Small bales, loose, not bundled. 200 bales for $1,000. Located 1 mile from I-10 in West Texas. Analysis report available on request..
Winchester 88 - Other Organic Bahia, Coastal Bermuda, Cattle Quality. $60 - $70 per Bale. Delivery: Can Load, Buyer Picks Up. Fire Ant Quarantine.
Douglassville 96 Organic Bahia, Common Bermuda Round 4x5 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 hay. Cattle Quality. $20 - $30 per Bale. Delivery: Can Load, Buyer Picks Up. Fire Ant Quarantine.