Hay for Sale in Ohio: 44 listings

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Location Age
Hay Bale Comments Listing
Lisbon 1 - Other 4x5 Net wrapped rolls - approx 1000#. I have approximately 10-15 4x5 rolls of mixed first cutting hay available for sale. Have been feeding to horses and cattle. Located about 6 miles south of Lisbon, OH. Nutrient analysis should be available week of 2/1/15. $45 each. Delivery available..
Grove City 1 Straw Big Round Call ... ...
Ney 1 Other Hay Small Square -
Ney 1 Grass Small Square Horse Hay
Brown County 2 Alfalfa/Timothy Small Square High quality, green leafy, alfalfa, orchard grass, timothy mix. Bales average 50 lb. and will also sell by the ton
Madison 3 Alfalfa/Orchard Small Square small squares, first cutting a/o mix and mixed grass available. $5.00/bale @ the barn or @190.00/T . 55-60 # avg weight. semi ac
Madison 3 Alfalfa/Orchard Small Square small square bales 55-60 lb avg. A/O mix and Mixed grass available. semi accessable. $5.00 / bale or $190/T @ the barn. 30min. w
Madison Mounty 3 Alfalfa/Orchard Small Square small sq. bale 55-60 lb avg. A/O mix & Mixed grass available. semi accessable. $5.00 / bale or $190/T @ the barn. 30min. W.of Co
Curtice 7 Alfalfa Square 3x3 3rd cutting alfalfa with a small amount of orchard grass, 22.2 % CP on DM basis. Delivery available in Ohio.
Ross County 9 Alfalfa Small Square green leafy, 4th cutting, no rain ... or ...
Ross County 9 Wheat Straw Small Square 10% timothy
West Liberty 9 Other Hay Small Square -
Wyoming 9 Alfalfa Square 3x4 Everyone I have 300 tons of beautiful, green leafy hay. Testing 200 RFV good protien. It is TARPED. Let me know if i can help yo
Wyoming 9 Alfalfa Square 3x4 Everyone I have 300 tons of TARPED 200 RFV alfalfa hay available. call me for pricing. ... ...
Wyoming 9 Alfalfa Square 3x4 Tarped dairy hay. 200 rfv hay. test sheets available upon request. green hay
Wilmington 9 Clover-Red Small Square Red clover with some wheat stubble. Very little grass. Easy access from interstate highway
Wilmington 9 Wheat Straw Small Square Good wheat straw from conventional type combine. Call or email. ...
Licking 12 Orchard Big Round very good quality mixed grass hay stored inside
Caldwell 12 Other Hay Big Round Very tight net wrapped, nice mixed grass hay with some clover. 800-1000lb bales. 1st cutting 2014
Carroll 13 Orchard Big Round -
Madison County 15 Alfalfa/Orchard Small Square -
Madison County 15 Mixed Grass Small Square mix grass hay. 1st cutting, 55-60 pound average, 100 bale minimum. discount on semi loads
Hancock 15 Grass/Legume Square 3x3 call for prices and delivery- 1st,2nd, 3rd cutting
Clark County 15 Grass Small Square Clean Grass Hay, bales weight around 50 LBS, can deliver, discounts on large orders. If you have any questions please call. Than
Paulding 15 Clover-Red Square 3x3 Nice Redclover Hay, Call ...
Wyandot 16 Straw Small Square rye and wheat straw. 60 pound bales. clean and dry. long cut. dry and bright yellow
Wyandot 16 Mixed Grass Small Square first and second cutting mixed grass hay. delivery available by semi van trailer or flat bed. green no rain. dry
Seville 18 Timothy Mix Big Round Please call for hay analysis information. We will provide a delivered price if delivery is essential.
Putnam 19 Alfalfa Square 3x4 2nd cutting
Bucyrus 19 Alfalfa/Timothy Small Square Excellent horse hay. Alfalfa orchard grass Timothy. 50-55lb bales. Able to load semii vans and flat bed with loader.
Bucyrus 19 Alfalfa/Orchard Small Square 4th cutting. Very nice hay. Smells great no dust
Bucyrus 19 Timothy Mix Square 3x4 3x4x8 Timothy alfalfa orchard grass nice hay
Wyoming 20 Alfalfa Square 3x4 ... ... , Kendall Lambert ...
Pickaway County 22 Alfalfa Small Square Weed free, baled dry and stored dry, Cuttings 1-3 ( forth cutting $7.00 100 bales left) Pure alfalfa
Defiance 22 Timothy Small Square -
Ney 22 Other Hay Small Square -
Defiance 23 Timothy Small Square -
Versailles 24 Wheat Straw Square 3x3 -
Versailles 24 Oat Straw Square 3x3 -
Versailles 24 Alfalfa Baleage 3rd cutting/good dairy quality
Ashtabula 24 Mixed Grass Small Square 2and 3 cutting
Henry 25 Wheat Straw Square 3x4 We have several semi loads of 3x4 mulch straw available, delivery possible depending on distance.
Cincinnati 26 Orchard Small Square Excellent Orchard Grass, 3 rd Cutting, Great Color and Smell, Never Rained on , avg 42" long and 55 lbs, $ 4.00 each
Clark 30 Wheat Small Square clean bright convetional straw