Hay for Sale in North Carolina: 21 listings

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Hay Bale Comments Listing
Southern Pines 20 Timothy/Orchard/Alfalfa Small And Large Squares Premium Quality Horse Hay, first and second cutting, Timothy - Orchard and Alfalfa, Available. Plus Mixes from upstate NY and OH, Available Year Round. Pick up or delivery Available by appointment. truckload discounts...please call don frank, ... . Quantity: All Year Round Price: 7.50 Per Bale and up
Transylvania 22 Timothy Mix Small Square Hay is very clean and great for horses!
Clinton 29 Alfalfa Small Square Bales If no answer, please leave message with contact information.
Chadbourn 30 Coastal bermudagrass Hay / Wheat Straw Appx. 18"X28"x14"/bale ... has provided quality horse and cattle forage that is locally grown/produced for the past 30 years. Coastal bermudagrass hay sq. bales = $6.00/bale. Wheat straw sq. bales = $4.50/bale. We keep all of our forage sheltered from the elements! Services available include delivery (additional fees apply), hay analysis, and bulk discounting. Quantity: Hay: 1000+/ Wheat Straw: 9000+ Price: Hay: $6.00/bale / Wheat Straw: $4.50/bale
Sanford 31 Fescue Square 150 square bales @ $2.50 (fall 2014 cutting) and All weed free fescue / grass Quantity: 150 Price: $2.50
Trenton 44 Peanut Large round Large round bales of peanuts hay for sale. ...
Iron Station 47 Fescue Grass 4X4 4X4 round bales no rain shed kept off ground Quantity: Over 100 Price: $22-$26
Mt Olive 48 Coastal Bermuda Hay and wheat straw 4X5 roundbales/small square bales/large 3x4x8 square bales Large quantity hay and straw.1000+bales All round bales are net wrapped & kept under shelter. Feed for cows, horses goat and sheep $12.00/per big bag. New crop of hay. large 4x3x8 square bales/$70.00 per bale. large wheat straw 4x3x8 bales at $45.00/per bale. Cleaned and bagged rye seed 56 pds per bag/$15.00.Oat seed $10.00 per bag. Quantity: 1000+Round 1000+square Price: Large 4x3x8 square bales of hay $70.00 Horse hay
Greenville 65 Mixed bermuda 4 X 5 775-800 lbs Clean Bermuda hay for sale. 30.00/bale Quantity discounts available. Bale size 4 x 5 775-800 lbs Quantity: 200 Price: 30.00
Williamston 68 Peanut Hay 4 X 4 1/2 String wrapped Price: $24.00
Southern Pines 70 Timothy/Orchard/Alfalfa Small square, rounds and large squares First and second cutting, timothy, orchard and alfalfa...plus mixes from upstate NY, and Ohio. Available year round, pick up or delivery...by appointment only, truckload discounts...please call don frank @ ... Quantity: Year-round Price: 7.50 Per bale and up
Greenville 75 Oat Hay 16X18x36 OatHay and Coastal bermuda and Fescue-fugus free and wheat straw. Wheat straw $ 3.00 a bale. Everything else $5.00 a bale. Barn stored. All are small squre bailes, Quantity: 500 Ech Price: $5.00
Pilot MTN 77 Soybean Small square bales I will be mowing and baling soybean hay in the next 2 week's if have good weather taking orders for the hay bean or about 3 feet tall call ... at ... for more info. 4.50 a bale in field if I get up they are 5.50 a bale Price: 4.50
Advance 82 Fescue/Orchard Square Bales This is clean, good quality horse hay that has been put up and kept dry in a barn. We have some faithful repeat customers, but are looking to add a few more. Call for more information. Quantity: 350 Price: $4.50
Julian 83 Orchard Grass Small Square Second cut quality Orchard grass for sale. Cut and baled with utmost care. Proper 12% moisture content. Nice green color. Stored in a cool dry barn loft. Quantity: 300+ Price: 8.00
Salemburg 90 Coastal/Midland 99 Square or round Baling the week of labor day. call for your needs.
Greenville 91 Peanut 4 X 4 1/2 Net wrapped, round bales, can deliver 42 bales per load,anywhere. Baled behind the combine with very little dirt. Hay located: Martin, Greene, Edgecombe, Pitt & Lenoir County Price: 25.00 Per bale in the field, 30.00 In the barn
Julian 92 Orchard Grass Small Square Second cut quality Orchard grass for sale. Cut and baled with utmost care. Proper 12% moisture content. Nice green color. Stored in a cool dry barn loft. Quantity: 300+ Price: 8.00
Salisbury 93 Fescue 4 X 5 Excellent quality round bales and square bales available .All barn kept. Call ... to secure your 2014 hay needs. Quantity: 10 Price: 30 Each
Roseboro 94 Coastal Bermuda 4X5 Round bales kept under barn stored on pallets. Square bales available $5 Price: 35.00
Goldsboro 108 Coastal Bermuda Round/Square We have net wrapped round and square bales. We have horse and cow hay. Quantity: 200 Price: 45/4.50