Hay for Sale in Nebraska: 28 listings

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Location Age
Hay Bale Comments Listing
Box Butte 5 Mixed Grass Big Round Brome, intermediate wheat grass, some alfalfa and other grass. Weigh 1100 to 1300 lbs. I can line up trucks for a haul.
Kilgore 5 Alfalfa Big Round Really nice 2nd cutting alfalfa hay RFV 187 187 TDN 68.1, Protein 21.7 Supreme Quality (P-2nd)
Kilgore 5 Alfalfa/Grass Big Round Nice 2nd cutting mostly alfalfa with some nice regrowth grass, Green and no rain 16.8 Protein. (SP-2nd)
Kilgore 5 Alfalfa Big Round Nice Green Alfalfa hay, RFV 159, Protein 19.4, TDN 64.6 (N1 & N2-2nd, MP-1)
Kilgore 5 Alfalfa Big Round Nice Green Premium Alfalfa, RFV 175, Protein 21.2 ..(NE4-2nd,MP-2nd, P-1)
Kilgore 5 Millet Big Round Nice Green Hay Millet, Protien 11.8, Nitrates Safe, (NE-3)
Kilgore 5 Alfalfa Big Round Best of the best, 24.1 protein,TDN 72.9, RFV 232. Bright Green and prefect Supreme alfalfa..(P-3rd)
Alma 7 Corn Stalks Square 3x4 Ultra high density weighing 1350 to 1500lbs per bale
Cass 7 Alfalfa Big Round 1st cutting 2014 No Rain
Overton 8 Alfalfa Big Round -
Overton 8 Alfalfa Big Round Weighs apx
Neb 12 Alfalfa Big Round lynn ...
Burwell 14 Mixed Grass Big Round -
Ashland 16 Alfalfa Big Round Fair to Good Quality Bales. There were 3 cuttings. Give me a call at ...
Gage 16 Brome Big Round jthimm
Beatrice 16 Brome Big Round jthimm
Douglas 16 Brome Big Round Horse Quality
Hayes Center 20 Alfalfa Square 3x3 -
Hall 20 Brome Big Round Supreme maturity and great hay quality.
Buffalo County 20 Alfalfa Small Square shedded, dry, no rain. can deliver for reasonable freight charge
Westerville 22 Alfalfa Small Square Shedded, could deliver 75-80 bales is close by and for a small fee, Tested at Ward Labs
Westervill 22 Alfalfa Small Square Tested at Ward Labs. Shedded, could deliver 75-80 bales if close and for a small fee.
Greeley County 22 Corn Stalks Big Round -
Omaha 24 Alfalfa(>95%) Large Square(>800 lbs) 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th cutting alfalfa available. Call ... for further information. Transportation available., Price Per Ton:$265.00, Storage:Under roof, Harvest Year:2014, Cutting:3, Preservative:N, RFV:198, CP(%):24.9, DM(%):86.36, NDF(%):32.16, ADF(%):68.61, Organically Certified:N, Transportation:Yes, Cost Per Mile Less Than 100 ($):$3.00, Cost Per Mile Greater Than 100 ($):$2.00,
Chadron 27 Alfalfa/Mixed Big Round 1st cut 80/20 alfalfa grass nice hay - Also have some really nice big rounds of really nice alfalfa -will deal on whole package
Wilcox 29 - Other Grass Hay For Sale. Grass hay 30 large round bales. Protein 9.7 and feed value 81. FOB. .
Weeping Water 29 Alfalfa/Grass Square Small square bales of alfalfa/grass.
Weston 134 Alfalfa Large Square -