Hay for Sale in Nebraska: 29 listings

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Location Age
Hay Bale Comments Listing
Webster County 1 Alfalfa Big Round Dairy quality, all cuttings, we can load. Will get it tested View
Weeping Water 10 Alfalfa/Grass Square Small square bales of alfalfa/grass. View
Silver Creek 12 Mixed Grass Big Round put up right with 9ft trail mowers. looks and smells great 2014 crop View
Overton 16 Alfalfa Square 3x4 1st cutting 2014 View
Platte Center 18 Grass Big Round - View
Kilgore 19 Prairie Big Round Nice native prairie grass View
Kilgore 19 Alfalfa Big Round Really nice 2nd Cutting Alfalfa hay, RFV 187, Protein 21.7 Supreme Quality View
Kilgore 19 Alfalfa Big Round Nice Premium Alfalfa, RFV 175, Protein 21.2 View
Kilgore 19 Alfalfa Big Round Nice Alfalfa hay, RFV 159, Protein 19.4, TDN 64.6 View
Kilgore 19 Alfalfa Big Round Good Alfalfa hay, RFV 128, Protein 17.5, TDN 59.9 View
Kilgore 19 Alfalfa/Mixed Big Round Grass/Alfalfa mix, nice green hay. Protein 12.05, TDN 55.9, RFV 96 View
Kilgore 19 Mixed Grass Big Round Nice green tame grass, crested wheat, manska, Protein 9.7, TDN 56.4 View
Imperial 20 Oat Big Round test result available upon request View
Gibbon 21 Prairie Big Round - View
Omaha 24 Alfalfa Square 3x3 Dairy quality hay in 3x3x8 available in Nebraska. RFV 194,195, 198, 206,258. Call ... for details. Transportation arr View
Chase 24 Prairie Big Round - View
Oshkosh 24 Alfalfa Big Round 1500# bales, no rain good green leafy hay View
Western 25 Straw Big Round - View
Western 25 Straw Square 3x4 - View
Western 25 Other Hay Big Round - View
Western 25 Oat Straw Big Round - View
Madison 25 Alfalfa Big Round 2014 first and second cutting. 1900 - 2000 lb. bales. Price negotiable View
Madison 25 Meadow Big Round No rain. Stored inside. Good quality. 1600 - 1800 lb. bales. Price negotiable View
Adams 26 Alfalfa Big Round 2nd cutting View
Adams 26 Alfalfa/Mixed Big Round 3rd cutting View
Dawes 30 Alfalfa/Grass Big Round - View
Unadilla 30 Brome Square 3x3 stored inside View
Weston 45 Alfalfa Large Square - View
Us 67 - Other 2014 1st and second cuttings. Big rounds. Rfv 1st-187 Rfv 2nd-185. 56 bales from 1st. 52 bales from second. Fourteen bales from 3rd. All available so far. View