Hay for Sale in Kentucky: 11 listings

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Location Age
Hay Bale Comments Listing
Frankfort 3 - Other Meadow mix square-bales for $3. We have 500+ square bales of semi-mature meadow mix available for $3 per bale. RFV is 69-70. More test results are available upon request. We would let the whole lot got for $1000 pickup or $1100 delivery..
Franklin County 3 Meadow Small Square .
Jessamine 17 Other Hay Baleage 4x4+ of soybean/millet baleage.
Fayette 17 Other Hay Square 3x3 Soybean/Millet 3x3 square bales.
Dunnville 19 Timothy Square 3x4 Really nice quality Timothy hay. Contact: ... /Smith Sales Inc ...
Cynthiana 27 Orchard Baleage mikelmckinley
Flemingsburg 30 Alfalfa/Orchard Square 3x3 1 st cutting. has some wheat. Good Dairy or beef hay.
Flemingsburg 30 Alfalfa/Grass Square 3x3 3rd cutting. Grass fine texture.
Flemingsburg 30 Alfalfa/Orchard Big Round 606 Seven 48 1530 5x5 rolls stored inside. Good dairy type hay.
Fredonia 33 Grass/Clover Square 3X3x8 square bales of grass/clover. 3X3x8 square bales of alfalfa. Bales are actually 3 x 3 x 7 1/2
Somerset 95 Grass/Alfalfa - Grass Mix/Soybeans 4x5 Round bales 110 1st cut grass mix 4x5 rolls stored outside. $40.00 ea 235 2nd cut grass mix 4x5 rolls stored inside. $50.00 ea 11 4x5 rolls Bermuda grass stored inside. $50.00 ea 25 4x5 rolls of soybeans stored inside. $70.00 ea 30 4x5 rolls of Alfalfa/mix stored inside. $50.00 ea Delivery available by gooseneck for additional fee. Our farm however is semi accessible. Quantity: 400 Price: $52.00 Average per bale for the whole lot.