Hay for Sale in Indiana: 19 listings

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Location Age
Hay Bale Comments Listing
Owen County 3 Grass/Clover Small Square -
Corunna 4 Wheat Straw Small Square 21 bale bundles out of a bale baron. Will fit into 102 in wide van trailer. Can load 714 bales into 53 foot trailer in 30 min.
Morgantown 5 Alfalfa/Mixed Small Square I have 6000+- small square. Some is high quality alfalfa mix down to straight grass mix hay. Range 4-6 dollars a bale.delivery a
Knox/Daviess 8 Mixed Grass Big Round 4X4 round bales barn kept $30.00 4X5 round bales stored outside $25.00 Delivery available 20 bales $1.80/Mile
Wabash 9 Mixed Grass Big Round 4x6 rounds. net wrapped. good hay
Wabash 9 Alfalfa/Mixed Big Round 4x6 rounds. net wrapped. quality hay
Wabash 9 Alfalfa Big Round pure alfalfa. 4x5 and 4x6 bales. net wrapped
Madison 18 Alfalfa/Mixed Small Square goodcheaphay
Tippecanoe 18 Orchard Small Square Good grass hay no rain! Need to move these bales. Semi loads possible please text 756-237-8275 or ...
Monroe 20 Grass/Legume Big Round -
North Mancheste 24 Straw Small Square Nice clean, bright straw
North Mancheste 24 Alfalfa Small Square Different grades of quality and pricing upon request, ...
Ft Wayne 24 Alfalfa Square 3x3 4 th cutting alfalfa ,good color , no damage. Semi loads only
Marion 25 Grass/Alfalfa Big Round 1st cutting no rain stored inside
Marion 25 Grass/Alfalfa Small Square 1st cutting no rain
Marion 25 Clover-Red Small Square 2nd cutting
Marion 25 Clover-Red Big Round 1st cutting stored outside
Bloomington 28 Alfalfa/Orchard Small Square alfalfa/orchard grass timothy mix, 55 lb bales, no rain, very nice horse hay. ph ...
Portland 174 Alfalfa, alfalfa orchard grass mix, and mixed grasses 3X3, and small square bales 35-85 dollars per big square bale and 4-8 dollars per small square bale. Delivery is available. Quantity: 150 Price: 4-85

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