Hay for Sale in Colorado: 23 listings

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Location Age
Hay Bale Comments Listing
Lochbuie 1 Grass Square 4x4 premium grass hay
Lochbuie 1 Grass/Alfalfa Square 4x4 -
Montrose 2 Grass/Alfalfa Small Square Horse Quality Hay
Longmont 3 Orchard Square 3x3 price includes delivered mimimum 10 bales
San Pablo 4 - Other Meadow Hay Grass Bales - $6.50-$5.50. San Luis Valley meadow hay grass bales stored in a metal hay shed. Have 1200+ 50-55 lb. rectangular bales (14"x16"x36") at $ $6.50 each, $6,00 each for 100-199 bales, or $5.50 each for 200 plus. No chemicals. Fertilized with antibiotic free, grass-fed cattle in the Spring. Manure is then harrowed. Binding is poly twine. Grass mixture includes Garrison, Meadow Brome, Slender Wheatgrass, and Nebraska Sedge. Hay grass cut and baled on 9/14. One section of baled hay includes some alfalfa. E-Mail Tom or call at ... ..
Gunnison 6 Timothy Mix 3 String Squares hay is tarped and good for horses and cows
Keenesburg 8 Grass Small Square Good quality Brome/Orchard grass with a little Alfalfa call ...
Alamosa 9 Alfalfa/Mixed Small Square -
Cortez 10 Grass/Alfalfa 3 String Squares 3 string Grass and Grass/Alfalfa Mix 95lb bales $15.00 per bale
Cortez 10 Grass 3 String Squares 3 string Grass and Grass/Alfalfa Mix 95lb bales $15.00 per bale
Delta 12 Grass/Legume Square 3x4 -
Mancos 14 Alfalfa/Mixed Small Square -
Morgan 14 Millet Square 4x4 -
Morgan 14 Sorghum/Milo Square 4x4 -
Sw 17 Alfalfa Square 4x4 Green, no rain, clean, barn stored
Sw 17 Alfalfa Square 4x4 clean, green, barn stored, no rain
Adams 21 Sudan Big Round -
Costilla County 21 Timothy Mix Square 4x4 Premium organic Timothy mix. Not rained on and placed in barn immediately. Can make arrangements to deliver if necessary.
Adams 23 Sudan Big Round -
Kirk 26 Other Hay Big Round -
Kirk 26 Alfalfa Big Round 3rd cut
Kirk 26 Alfalfa Big Round -
Berthoud 27 Corn Stalks Square 3x3 emerald1